Install Flutter on Windows, Create and Run Project Flutter

Flutter June 17th 2022

    Install Flutter on Windows

    • Then the flutter SDK downloads. After the download is complete, you extract the downloaded file (Extract here option) we will get a folder called flutter. Please put this folder somewhere you want.
    • Add flutter to PATH environment variable

      1. Click Start, search for "env" and select Edit environment variables for your account

      2. Click Environment Variables

      3. Select Path and Edit

      4. Click New and add the path to the extracted flutter\bin folder

    • So you can run flutter command from Command Prompt already. Now let's check it out. Open Command Prompt and run the command “flutter –version”. If it shows information about Flutter, framework, dart version... then you have successfully installed.

    Next, we will have to install the IDE to code with Flutter:

    To create an Android Studio virtual machine, follow these steps:

    • Open Android Studio: 
    1. Select Tools/AVD Manager
    2. Select Create Virtual Device
    3. Select a device and click Next
    4. You can choose an x86 or x86_64 image (recommended the latest version - if not available, click Download and wait a bit for it to load that image) then click Next
    5. In the Graphics section, select Hardware – GLES 2.0. You can edit other options if you want and click Finish to create the virtual machine.
    6. Press the ▶ button to run the newly created virtual machine.

    After installing Android Studio, we install flutter extentions for Android Studio:

    • File > Settings... > Plugins (Windows)

    After installing Flutter Plugin successfully, you need to restart Android Studio for changes to take effect. 

    Create and Run Project Flutter

    Step 1: Open Android Studio. Create Flutter project. To create a project, go to File->New->New Flutter Project. The following screen helps to understand better.

    Step 2: In the next wizard you need to select Flutter App. For this, select Flutter Application-> click Next, as shown in below screen.

    Step 3: Next, configure the application details as shown in the screen below and click the Next button.

    Project Name: Write the name of your application.

    Flutter SDK Path: <path_to_flutter_sdk>

    Project location: <path_to_project_folder>

    Description: <A new Flutter hello world application>.

    Step 4: In the next wizard, you need to set the company domain name and click the Finish button.

    After clicking the Done(DONE) button, it will take some time to create a project. Once the project is created, you will receive a fully working Flutter application with minimal functionality.

    Step 5: Now, run the application. To do this, go to Run->Run main.dart, as shown in the screen below.

    Step 6: Finally, you will get the result like the screen below.