Instructions to install wordpress on VPS Vultr:

Step 1: Register Vultr and create Ubuntu 20.04 server


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Step 2: Install Hostvn Script to manage VPS server

Run the following command to install:

wget && bash install

After running the command on the script, it will automatically update and install the necessary packages, then enter some information to install the script.

In there:

  • Email to install Let's Encrypt free SSL and in the near future there will be an alert feature via email and Telegram
  • Enter the IP of the VPS or press Enter to let the script detect the IP by itself
  • The PHP version you want to install, there are full versions of 5.6, 7.0, 7.1, 7.2, 7.3, 7.4 here I choose 7.4
  • HOSTVN Script can run 2 versions of PHP in parallel, so you can choose to install another PHP version, here I choose 5.6
  • The option to install ClamAV, Memcached, Redis, PureFTPD you can choose to install or install later.
  • Change SSH port if you choose after installing the script will change SSH port to 8282.

Step 3: Install Wordpress with Hostvn


Step 4: Point the domain name to the VPS server

For example:   Go to the domain management section, "  Advanced DNS" tab , click Add New Record (red letters), select A record and then enter the following information:

  • Server: Enter the character “@”.
  • Value box: Enter the IP address of the VPS.

Next, click on the gray checkmark to save the information to create a new A record.

Point the domain to your Vultr VPS

Enter all 3 Records as shown… @, *, www and point to ip vps and that's it!

Please ping the domain name to check if the domain name has been successfully pointed to the ip vps

Step 5: Install SSL Certificate

SSL Management

SSL Management

1. SSL Let's Encrypt

SSL Let's Encrypt

1.1. Register /Renew Let's Encrypt

Register SSL Let's Encrypt for the website.

Note: Let's Encrypt limits the number of registrations in a week, so if you register too many times for a domain name in a week and are limited, you need to wait until the next week to register again.

1.2. Register SSL Domain alias

Used to register SSL Let's Encrypt for Alias ​​domain

1.3. Remove Let's Encrypt

Use when you want to remove the Let's Encrypt of a domain name

Detailed video instructions: