What is JavaScript?

JavaScript , Tue Dec 27 2022

    What is JavaScript?

    JavaScript is the programming language of the Web. The overwhelming majority of modern websites use JavaScript, and all modern web browsers - on desktops, game consoles, tablets, and smartphones - include JavaScript interpreters, making it the most present programming language in history.

    Intro to JavaScript

    It's purpose is to infuse websites and web applications with interactivity!

    From simple features, such as neat visual effects or displays of the current time and date to more sophisticated uses such as data fetching, chatrooms, browser games, web servers & even the creation of of entire interfaces for things such as social media networks.

    It is because of this that JavaScript is one of three must learn technologies for any web developer, whether it's a profession or simply a hobby. You learn HTML to create the content of your website, CSS to give it a fitting presentation and JS to assign it behaviors and allow it to come to life!

    What are some examples of JavaScript usage that I can see today?

    It would be harder to find a service that doesn't use it. Have you ever talked to anyone using the text and voice chat application Discord?

    A lot of its amazing features, such as bots are programmed using JavaScript and its desktop application is made using a JavaScript runtime, with which they easily ported every feature of the web application straight to your computer!

    Did you watch a show on Netflix recently? Several JavaScript frameworks were used to build the applications' interface and achieve quicker startup times!

    What about PayPal transactions? Did you know their site uses JavaScript for various components of its checkout system?

    Ever visit an impressive portfolio, with images flying in and out of view based on how far down you scroll, elements gradually popping in and out as you make your way through the site? That was most likely done with JavaScript as well.

    In fact, let's take this back even further. Have you ever used a gallery on a website before? One that overlaid images on your screen, allowing you to scroll through picture after picture?

    I'm sure you can guess what technology helped develop that! It's everywhere!

    There is one thing that all of these frameworks and libraries have in common, and that is JavaScript! I always tell to master the fundamentals of JavaScript, and that's going to open the doors to mastering everything else. You will be able to start mastering any of the most popular JavaScript frameworks and libraries, such as: ReactJS, AngularJS, VueJS and even NodeJS.

    JavaScript is the future of the web. The use of JavaScript in the frontend has been reaching it's peak recently. Nowadays, JavasScript has also paved the way into backend development with Node JS.

    What is the conclusion?

    Whether you're someone looking to gain knowledge that could land them a great job, a hobbyist looking for an environment in which to create an amusing project, an artist looking to enhance their presentation website or an entrepreneur prototyping that one web app that could finally push their business into the global public eye of today’s competitive industry, simply gaining knowledge of this language will give you a better opportunity at perfecting anything you might aspire to in the world of web development.

    You've come till here, which means that you're truly interested in what JavaScript has to offer.